Personalities to Look for When Assembling a Content Team

Many marketers today are faced with the problem of not having the right people in their content team to promote businesses such as Vienna lawn care. Developing, executing, and measuring a content marketing plan can be a huge undertaking. When you are not adequately staffed, even the most well-written content marketing plan can suffer a huge problem.

It is important to have the right roles outlines and fulfilled by people who can deliver according to expectations.  Here are some of the personalities you need to fill, to have your content go according to plan.

The Taskmaster

This person of your project manager. Their sole responsibility is to ensure there is a successful execution of your projects and campaigns. They need to be highly creative, be proactive, and action-oriented. They are tasked with overseeing a lot of stuff done according to your expectations. The importance of a well-executed project manager comes to light when comparing high performing companies to low performing ones.

The Wordsmith

This person is tasked with the ability to write well and additionally, he is agile enough to do his duties in different voices and tones, based on different content topics as well as personas. They are tasked with bringing your ideas to life through language. They can create compelling work quickly and should be deadline-driven to ensure tasks are delivered within the set time and with the required quality.

The Grammar Geek

While the wordsmith is tasked with giving content life, the grammar geek is an editor whose responsibility is to make your brand look smart. They hold brand values high and serves as the champion for consistency and quality across all channels. They are tasked with ensuring the content you publish is free from all forms of errors. The grammar geek has a passion for language preferably in the language content that has to be published.

The Artist

The strongest content teams will always have someone who is tasked with the responsibility of turning data into beautiful visuals. This artist will support your content efforts by designing images, logos and infographics both online and in print, that adheres to the brand guidelines and style. Today’s landscape calls for compelling visuals as they are important to have your message published out there.

The Growth Hacker

It is always a good idea to have a master of numbers and data on your team. You will not be able to measure and analyze your ROI of your content marketing without having a growth hacker by your side. This person is a huge lover of metrics and methods such as A/B testing. A good growth hacker works more with data and has a passion to find gaps and value in data, to bring the best decisions that available data can provide. They will help a team on how to funnels time and talent as well as resources into the right actions to produce the right results. Remember, what makes a team great is the composition of different talents together.

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